Reputation Management

Reputation Management is essential for companies looking to ensure their image is maintained and that the occasional disgruntled consumer does not have the ability to drag your brand through the dirt on the internet. Typically it’s only the troublesome client who leaves a review that can cause a potential new client to look elsewhere.

Solid online reputation management saves you time and money reacting to a negative review and makes your existing marketing strategies more effective. This means more client leads and more time to focus on your business.

How Reputation Management Services Can Be Used:

  • Create a history on all main internet properties (social media channels etc).
  • Monitor your business for signs of malicious behavior.
  • Dominate key search terms with multiple internet properties.
  • Maintain accurate company information and keep it fresh.
  • Compare your online presence to your competitors.
  • React swiftly and decisively to silence negative information.
  • Receive critical feedback & comments (good and not so good) from clients.


We found this video useful as a solid explanation of the need for corporate reputation management. These rules apply to your online presence like never before. Irvine SEO Consulting has proprietary strategies that aim to protect your business from being maligned online.

The power of the search engines , especially Google means it is incredibly easy for a negative comment , review or other such result to display online and negatively skew the public image of your brand . It is far more difficult to clean up such an event than to proactively reduce the likelihood of such an occurrence and to make it less likely to show online.