Local SEO 

Local SEO is critical for local businesses to be found online. When it comes to search engine optimization for small business owners it’s a minefield for most. There are a so many options from big box companies to the local guy down the street. So where do you go and who do you trust?

The first indication is surprisingly simple. Find out in which city the company you are considering is located. Then do a quick search for one of the keywords they might have used. For example, seo consultant + CITY NAME. SEO agency + CITY or digital marketing +CITY. 

If you don’t find them in the MAPS section of one or more of these Google searches it means they either don’t know how to rank in MAPS or worse still they don’t realize the potential of Google Maps listings. Either way, run… 

Given that upwards of 55% of Google traffice for local businesses comes from the Google Maps pack you simply must be in one of those 3 positions for your main search terms. Being outside of this “3 pack” means you are picking up the scraps.