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Irvine SEO Consulting is an internet marketing service located in Irvine, California serving clients in Orange County and across the nation with proven results-based SEO strategies.


Fully customized marketing strategies proven to return massive ROI and take over Google.

Revenue & ROI

Sustainable growth and massive return on investment. Measurable goals included in all strategies.


We only want long-term, mutually rewarding relationships with our clients. Our consultation call will help us both determine if our businesses are a good fit.

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Quality businesses should dominate Google rankings. Be found everywhere online.

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Management’s experience running a global businesses combined with our proprietary technology form a potent cocktail. We are always multiple steps ahead of the competition.

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Flood your market with your social media strategies. Wherever people hang out, let them find you.


We don’t outsource to cut corners, we don’t employ black hat techniques. Our world-class internet marketing professionals treat your business like their own.

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We drive targeted clients to your website or online store or services with proprietary techniques.


Some guarantee rankings that they fail to deliver. We guarantee RESULTS. Of course it’s up to you to close the business we bring you. 

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Finding the right Search Engine Optimization Company to partner with is essential in today’s highly competitive marketing environment. More than ever before your business’ online profile will directly affect your bottom line and time is of the essence when chasing those elusive higher positions in the Google search results.

Every day that your business is not highly visible everywhere it needs to be, the competition is taking your clients and your income.

We help local business owners with their online visibility

Free Marketing Strategy

Contact us today to find out how we can help you to boost your revenue by implementing a carefully devised strategy using techniques that have a proven track record. We stand behind our services. Your marketing strategy will be comprehensive and tailored to fit your business and surpass your goals.

How we work

From day one your business will be in the best possible hands. We become your business partner, committed to your success. 

Due to our hands-on and personal level of service we only accept clients that are the best fit for our business. We value long-term, mutually beneficial relationships over becoming a faceless organization driven by sales quotas rather than client’s success.

How To Choose An SEO Company And What Do Avoid

Using the criteria below as a starting point for your evaluation of search engine optimization and search engine marketing companies should help in your selection process and set you off in the right direction with your online marketing efforts. Pay close attention to this guide for getting SEO help to increase the positions and presence of your website on the most important search engines.


1. Does the SEO agency offer packages?

If  predetermined pricing or packages are offered for Search Engine Optimization services or social media management this is the biggest of all indicators that you should look elsewhere. With a little education and thought behind this process this becomes obvious. No two businesses , niches or markets are the same therefore a cookie-cutter approach does not work. In theory one client would receive more than they are paying for and another will receive a grossly under-performing service and be obligated under the terms of the agreement to remain stuck for 6-12 months.

The reason we say “in theory” is because oftentimes neither company receives the service they were hoping for regardless of the package chosen.

2.Blind pricing or provide immediate estimates.

Inasmuch as package prices are not possible, likewise it’s impossible to give an accurate price for the work required to achieve the results desired. Websites are on different platforms and in various states of health and on-page optimization , various social media channels may or may not exist , other off-page optimization and other internet properties should be considered.


This is something to avoid at all costs. Be sure that you know exactly who your SEO expert will be. Cheap SEO is enticing, until the true cost of selecting an SEO consultant based on price is felt. It can be a very long and expensive road back . If you are dealing with a large faceless organization you have no control over what is happening .

4.Customized and Specific Keyword Optimization .

This is a crucial part of any well-engineered SEO strategy because these terms are the way in which Google search engine spiders deliver the most accurate search results. Your page rank will be determined by a variety of factors , correct keywords being one of them.  Analysis should be performed on your specific target keywords and also the content of your site in general. We will make suggestions based on our findings during our preliminary keyword research .


Any SEO Company that offers guaranteed positions should fall under heavy scrutiny. Google’s algorithm is complex and while we know many of the ways in which it works it is impossible to predict exactly how your website will perform in a given time period. We have experience that allows us to make accurate predictions , and of course , given the time we will have your site well placed however we prefer to be transparent and give it to you straight.

6.When Is The Best Time To Make A Decision?

Only you can answer this question based on your requirements and current situation however as far as search engine optimization is concerned every day counts! Time is the single biggest factor beyond the control of everyone in the industry and is the reason that established websites that are found at the top of Google’s first page are so difficult to dislodge. This is why it’s important that your next hiring of a professional SEO company is the right one.

7.Square Peg, Round Hole?

Question the SEO Experts to insure you fully understand how they will market your business. Do they have unique ideas and have they considered your business, your market, your desires, your budget and so on?  Do they give you the opinion that they are able to think “outside the box”? Make sure these answers are addressed before signing on the dotted line for a 12 month SEO contract.

8.Linking Strategies.

Your search engine optimization company should have definite plans for a robust linking strategy. Ranking high for some keywords is one thing but maintaining and improving rank, and increasing traffic requires solid inbound linking and reciprocal links too. Your SEO company should provide a baseline of the current link structure within your website and detailed proposals to significantly and consistently improve it.

9.Social Media Marketing.

With the explosion of mobile users in the past few years, a responsive (mobile ready) website is essential for any business that wishes to see a return from it’s online presence. Social Media Management and app development are increasingly efficient parts of this mobile friendly marketing mix. For some, an app is required, for others it will be Instagram marketing and others will need help with Facebook Ads or Facebook marketing strategies. Others will need You Tube marketing or some other form of social media strategy. Any top SEO professional will take time to understand and evaluate these channels with you to determine the best course of action. Avoid paying top dollar for un-optimized generic posts. Be sure what they are proposing to deliver.


We specifically work with clients located in Orange County because we understand the local market. The Southern California region is more difficult to rank than anywhere on the planet. Unfortunately we can’t go into detail since our knowledge of the local market and years of experience ranking almost anything at will. We partner with small clients that just wish to rank in their small city with low competition and those that want to dominate all of Orange County. As long as you have a reasonable budget and patience to allow our systems to produce the results you want, you can be you’ll get what you are looking for. We do provide national SEO and SEO in other markets such as Texas where we work with this company offering window washing in San Antonio

11.Make Marketing an Investment Rather than a Cost.

This will solely rely on due diligence and careful consideration of the facts. Beware low priced pricing for your service.  Unraveling mistakes of others can be extremely time-consuming and expensive not to mention contribute to massive lost revenue. There is a tremendous amount of hard work in planning and running a successful strategy. Find a company that has a proven ability to rank and produce results and expect to compensate them appropriately. This will lead to a win-win scenario.


Why Choose Irvine SEO Consulting As Your Marketing Agency?

Business owners apply to work with Irvine SEO Consulting because we offer unrivaled expertise as business marketing consultants rather than being just another California SEO Company . We deliberately maintain a small client base to ensure highest quality of service is maintained. This philosophy has enabled us to consistently achieve significant R.O.I. for our clients, year in year out.

We can work in any industry (except for adult and online betting) however we will not just take your money. Some industries of business models are better suited to other methods of lead generation. We are open and honest when discussing your marketing options and definitely will not try to force your business into search engine optimization if it is not the best fit. Some of the industries we currently work in are law/legal, home services such as roofing and plumbing, solar and transportation. We’ve also been busy working on a number of rehab websites . Ultimately, anything can be ranked given time and investment. Before making a decision be sure that the company you choose to work with really understands your business. Your success online will depend on it!